As an island continent Australia has 37,000km of coastline. Approximately 85% of the population live within an hour’s drive of one of its 11,000 beaches. For most Australians beaches are not just places to swim: they represent experiences of childhood, teenage rites of passage and places for adults to relax, socialize and exercise. Because of this other intrusive forms of media such as television rarely hold any market. Radio is still the dominant form of media for Australians at the beach. Beach Radio collaborates with City Councils to provide the widest possible advertising exposure into Australia’s famous summer beach Lifestyle. Whether your target market is families, students, backpackers, is the best vehicle for your product.

Featuring in the mix Felix Da Housecat,Andi Durrant,Fergie DJ,Georgie Porgie,Andrea Piko,DJ Frisk,Arctic Sun,Craig Stewart,Dave Lambert,Brian Cheetham,Jay Forster,John De La Mora,Liam Shachar,DJ Jeremy/Majik Boys,Marcie Joy,Mark Doyle,Mikey Gallagher,Mike Swain,Nick fiorucci,Pete Gooding,Pete Silver,Steve Anderson,The Beat Thiefs,Falon Lioi,Skye and Sugarstarr,My Digital Enemy,Spencer Tarring,Bobby Blaze,Dimitri Tee,Alex M.O.R.P.H.,B2B Woody van Eyden,Dirty Secretz,Serge Devant,Nicola Fasano and Steve Forest,Kissy Sell Out,Rae World,The Squatters,Futuristic Polar Bears,Ralph Good,Jonathan Ulysses,Dave Seaman,Antony Angell,Wayne Regan,Laurent Schark,Phil Cooper,Andy Brown,Ferry Corsten,Dario BianKi,Gabriel Ghali,Nick Chicane and many more!
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